National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries in India

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National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries in India

Hello friends, how are you all? Hope you all have a good study! So friends, this post of ours is very important today because in this post today we are going to tell you about the major National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries in India! As you know that Environment is becoming very much sought after in all competitive exams these days, and the most asked in Environment is which national park or sanctuary are located in which state, so today in this post we will give you the most important National Parks or sanctuaries that are called in Competitive Exams are going to tell all those states in which state they are located!

  • So friends, before we remember in which state they are located, we need to know what is the difference between them! So first we try to understand the difference between National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary!
  • Wildlife sanctuaries are formed for the conservation of a single species or some specific species, that is, these are protected species based species. While the national park is formed for conservation as a special type of refuge, that is, all the animals living in this particular refuge area are equally protected!
  • No habitat and human activity is allowed in the national park, even animals are not allowed to graze or collect wild products while human activities are allowed in wildlife sanctuaries!
  • Hunting in a wildlife sanctuary is prohibited without permission, although grazing and movement of cattle are allowed! While hunting and grazing in a national park are completely prohibited!
  • A wildlife sanctuary can be converted into a national park whereas a national park cannot be declared a sanctuary!
  • The state government can declare both wildlife sanctuaries and national parks only by order, while the state legislature has to pass a resolution to change the boundary!
  • Currently, there are 105 National Parks in India while the number of sanctuaries is 531!

So friends, hope you have understood the difference between these two! Below we are providing you the list of all important national parks and wildlife sanctuaries! This list is a bit big and you will see that if you should remember so many national parks and wildlife sanctuaries? Friends, each of them has been asked in many previous exams, that is why I would suggest that you just rote this entire list! Save it in your bookmark and keep reading whenever you get time! All The Best πŸ™‚

Rajasthan National Parks

  • Kevala Devi National Park (a migratory bird shelter called Siberian Crane)
  • Ranthambhore National Park
  • Sariska National Park
  • Desert National Park
  • Mukindra Hills National Park
  • Thick Bird National Park
  • Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary

Madhya Pradesh National Parks

  • Kanha National Parks
  • Pench National Park
  • Panna National Parks (included in UNESCO World Heritage List)
  • Satpura National Park
  • Van Vihar National Parks
  • Bandhavgarh National Park (Famous for white tigers)
  • Sanjay National Park
  • Madhav National Park
  • Palpur Kuno National Park
  • Mandla Fausil National Parks
  • Ratapani Sanctuary
  • National Chambal Sanctuary

    Arunachal Pradesh National Parks

  • Namdapha National Park
  • Pakhui Sanctuary
  • Haryana
  • Sultanpur National Park
  • Kaleshar National Park

Uttar Pradesh

  • Dudhwa National Parks

Chandraprabha Wildlife Vihar


  • Betla National Parks
  • Hazaribagh Sanctuary
  • Slow National Park
  • Manipur
  • Sirohi National Park


Kanchenjunga National Parks

Clouded Leopard National Parks
Tamil Nadu

  • Gulf of Manar National Parks
  • Indira Gandhi (Annamalai) National Park
  • Mudumalai National Park
  • Plani Hills National Park
  • Mukurthi National Park
  • Gundi National Parks
  • Nellai Sanctuary
  • Point Calimar Sanctuary
  • Bhitarkanika National Park
  • Simply Pal National Park
  • Nandankanan National Zoo
  • Chilka Lake Sanctuary
  • Murlane National Park
  • Fawangpui National Park
  • Dampa Sanctuary

Jammu and Kashmir

  • Salim Ali National Parks
  • Kistwar National Parks
  • Hamish High National Parks (India’s largest National Park)

West Bengal

  • Sundarbans National Parks
  • Buxa National Parks
  • Jaldapara National Parks
  • Gorumara National Parks
  • Singalila National Parks
  • Neora Valley National Parks


  • Manas National Park (famous for one horned rhinoceros)
  • Kaziranga National Park (Famous for one horned rhinoceros)
  • Nameri National Park
  • Rajiv Gandhi Orang National Park
  • Dibrugarh Saikhowa National Park

Andra Pradesh

  • Indira Gandhi Zoological Park
  • Rajiv Gandhi (Rameswaram) National Park
  • Papikonda National Park



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